Objectives of the foundacion

  • We provide comprehensive care to people with diabetes:
    • With a program structured of prevention would second.
    • The regular practice of clinical controls with complementary tests (examination of bottom of eye, clinical analysis, ECG, Echo Doppler…).
    • Dedication with the same emphasis to the aspects biomedical, psychological cultural and of behaviour.
    • Individual therapeutic education and in group. Familiar support.
  • We contribute to training professionals in diabetology.
  • We promote research in the field of diabetes.Promovem la recerca.

The FRCF is governed by the Foundations Act of the Catalan Autonomous Government. The Foundation’s income comes from medical fees for professional cae, registration fees four courses and private sponsorship, and is used for social, teaching and research purposes.
The law makes donations tax deductible.

Historical review

The foundation was constituted in 1989 in memory of the illustrious Catalan clinical specialist in diabetes, Rossend Carrasco i Formiguera, a pioneer in the use of insulin in Catalonia and Spain.

The current members of the Board of Trustees are:

Dr. Daniel Figuerola (President)
Dr. Joaquim Camps (President  of honor)
Dr. Manel Puig (Director)
Sr. Armand Pérez (Secretary)
Dr. Manel Armengol
Dr. Didac Mauricio
Dra. Anna Sanmartí (Patron of honor)
Historical members of the Board also include Dr. Jaume Figuerola (†), Dr. Gonçal LLoveras (†), Sr. Joan Pons (†), Sra. Núria Pi-Sunyer (†), Dr. Robert Pujol (†), Sra. Carmen Plaza, Sr. Francisco Loscos, Sr. Enric Gimenez-Coral, Sr. Jordi Belloso, Dr. Xavier Formiguera and Sr. Ildefons Garcia Serena. The Board of Trustees appointed Dr. Daniel Figuerola as director of the Fundació Rossend Carrasco i Formiguera in 1992. Since 2011 Board of Trustees appointed Dr. Manel Puig as the director.